In any commercial facility, the cost of keeping it cool during warm summer months can be very expensive. However, it's necessary to maintain a cooler temperature so that customers and clients don't get uncomfortable and decide to leave prematurely. If you want to save money on the cost of your commercial air conditioning system, note a few quick tips to keep in mind and apply these in your location, no matter your type of business.

1. Upgrade the thermostat

A programmable thermostat will allow you to keep the temperature adjusted when the building is not in use, while still creating a cool atmosphere once you arrive. Upgrading or replacing the thermostat as necessary can also save you money because an older thermostat may not be reading the interior temperature accurately and may be causing your facility's air conditioner to run excessively. Even if the interior of your building is a degree or two cooler than it should be, this cost can add up quite a bit over time. Always have a thermostat in good condition in your facility for the most cost savings.

2. Vent the air conditioning mechanics

In some buildings, the air conditioning mechanics are located on the roof, in a small enclosed room that may not be vented. On warm summer days, the mechanics can become very warm and in turn, the compressor that runs refrigerant over the air that is blown into your home needs to work harder to create that cool air. This means more energy is used and more money is spent. Keep that space vented so that it doesn't trap hot air and the air conditioner can work efficiently on the warmest of summer days.

3. Find where heat is created in your facility

In large facilities, the lights overhead may actually be producing more heat than you realize. Swapping out the bulbs for LED lights can mean a cooler building overall. If printers, copiers, and other office equipment runs very hot, you may need to keep them vented by pulling them away from the wall so that air can circulate around them. An oven vent may not be working as it should and may need cleaning, and this can keep the kitchen cool. An energy auditor can note areas of your building that are creating heat and making your commercial air conditioner run more than it should so that you can make those changes and save money overall.

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