An air conditioning system is what allows your home to be cool and comfortable during the hottest months. However, in order to ensure that your system is functioning properly and at a high level of efficiency, you need to make sure that it is maintained and cleaned over time. This means that you need to clean the condenser unit for your air conditioning system regularly. The condenser unit is the outdoor unit that is positioned out of the way outside of your home. There are a variety of parts that are contained within the condenser unit and it is important for you to be aware of the cleaning tips that will offer the best results before you begin cleaning.


The first thing that you need to do when you are going to clean the condenser unit is to make sure that the power is shut off. There is a shutoff door that will be attached to the house that features a hose that connects to the condenser unit. This is what supplies power, and it is possible to turn the power off moving the switch that is under the shutoff door to the off position. This will cut off the power to the condenser unit and make it safe to be cleaned thoroughly.

Condenser Fins

When you are cleaning the condenser unit, you need to be sure to focus a lot of your attention on the condenser fins. These are the blades that are all on sides of the unit. These blades are typically made of metal. This means that the blades can easily become dirty and grimy as air is sucked through the condenser unit. If there is a lot of debris on the blades, it will restrict the airflow slightly and make your air conditioning system a lot less efficient. This means that you need to make sure that each fin or blade is free of debris. This can be done by using a vacuum attachment.

Using a small brush attachment on your vacuum will allow you to suck up any dust or debris that has become attached to the fin over time. There is a metal box encasing the entire condenser unit that you can unscrew in order to get direct access to all of the metal fins. Just be gentle when you are using the vacuum attachment to clean the fins because they can bend easily or break completely if too much force is applied. 

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