If you're planning to open a new shop anywhere in Australia, then you must have a lot going on in your mind. Like any prospective shop owner, you must be thinking about your operating costs, marketing, location, products/services and more. One other thing that you should also think about is air conditioning. That is, should you be planning for it? Read on to get more insights on this.

Do customers notice air conditioning?

One of the ways to approach the topic is to gauge just how important air conditioning is to your customers. Instead of asking whether customers notice that a shop has good air conditioning, a better question to ask is whether they notice poor or no air conditioning at all. And the answer to that is yes. With that said, you definitely do not want customers to avoid coming to your business simply because you lack air conditioning. It's simply not a difficult amenity to provide, especially if it's at the peril of your business failing before it even starts.

How air conditioning impacts your business

Some businesses have no air conditioning; others have standard air conditioning; and others have the best air conditioning systems in the market. The big question here is how it all impacts a business positively or negatively. For one, customers will enjoy their time more in a shop that has adequate air conditioning. Customers are also likely to spend more time in a shop that has AC as opposed to one without. And if customers spend more time in a shop, they are likely to buy more. Customers are also likely to return to a shop with an air-conditioned ambiance as opposed to one without.

Thinking of air conditioning as an investment

So now that you know that customers notice and prefer air conditioning in a shop, it's obvious that you should think about it more when planning how to set up your shop. A good way to think about commercial air conditioning is as an investment. In the same way you will invest in good employees, good machines and good products, so should you invest in the ambiance of your shop. After all, business is all about keeping the customer happy, and providing a good shopping environment counts. And if good air conditioning will improve business, then its cost might actually repay itself over time.

There are lots of commercial air conditioning products in the market, from split units to ducted systems. Talk to a HVAC specialist and they will advise you on the best system to install based on your shop's size.