If you are planning on installing a cool breeze air conditioning system in your home, you should think about choosing an evaporative cooler. This type of appliance is favourable over the traditional alternatives because of its low cost. In general, evaporative coolers have a less complex internal structure in comparison to standard AC units hence the low price. Also, the simpler design makes the appliance easier to maintain. In addition, you can expect efficient cooling for comfortable indoor ambient conditions.

However, you should not rush to purchase a random evaporative cooling AC. If you are interested in obtaining the benefits of this appliance, you should consider the below factors before making your decision.

The Local Climate

You should evaluate your local climate before making your decision on installing an evaporative cooler. This type of AC unit is simple and cost-effective, but it might not be the best choice for some regions. This issue can be attributed to the mode of action of an evaporative cooler. Simply speaking, the AC pulls in the hot, dry and stale air into its internal space. This air is then passed through moist, water-cooled pads. The pads will reduce the heat in the air and add some humidity. The cool air is then released to the room. If your area of residence has humid air, an evaporative cooler will not deliver the optimal benefits. You should use this unit if your home needs cooling and extra humidity.

Unit Sizing

When choosing your evaporative AC, you should be attentive to the sizing. If you purchase and install an unsuitably sized appliance in your home, you will end up with unnecessary problems. In simple terms, a smaller than required cooler will not provide efficient and sufficient air conditioning. You will not enjoy optimal coolness and the air in the house might be still dry. On the other hand, an excessively large evaporative AC might cool your home too much or add unnecessary humidity. If you are uncertain about the correct size for an ideal evaporative cooler, you should consult an HVAC contractor for guidance.

Appliance Portability

Finally, you should consider whether you would like your evaporative cooler to be portable or not. If you are planning on living in your current house for the foreseeable future, you should opt for more permanent models such as appliances attached to the roofline or window ACs. Alternatively, you can choose a portable evaporative cooler which can be moved from one room to another, depending on the immediate needs.