When you depend on your air conditioning to stay comfortable, waking up one day to find it's refusing to blow cool air is frustrating. Fortunately, many of the reasons for this are simple. And for the right technician, they're equally simple to fix.

The air filter is clogged

When you first install an air conditioner, the filter remains free from dirt. As a result, air flows through freely and reaches the evaporator, where it cools down and sets an ambient temperature throughout your home. Over time, the filter starts to clog, and if you don't clean it regularly, this can reduce the amount of cool air you benefit from.

Fortunately, this is one of the easy fixes you can address yourself. All you need to do is locate the filter, look for a clog, and clean it accordingly. If the filter is free from dirt or if the air doesn't start to cool after, you may find the problem is more complex.

A stuck fan isn't pushing air through

Another mechanism your HVAC system relies on to push air over the cooling evaporator is the fan. In some cases, the motor becomes stuck or the blades encounter damage, which means it isn't drawing air through the evaporator effectively.

As the fan is located deep inside your system, you'll need to remove a panel to identify the problem. If you choose to look yourself and find the fan isn't turning as it should, it's time for a replacement. This is one of the air conditioning repairs you should leave to a professional.

The coolant is leaking

When warm air enters your system from outside your home, your air conditioner depends on a steady supply of coolant to reduce its temperature. Damage to your system can result in the coolant leaking, and when there isn't enough inside your system to make the air cooler, all it will do is blow out hot air.

Leaks are often easy to identify. They usually flow a little more freely than everyday condensation, and the liquid can have a yellowish appearance, and it's thicker than water. Unless you have air conditioning technician training, you'll find that replacing the coolant isn't an easy task. As a result, it's better to call on a professional.

When your air conditioning's lack of cool air isn't easy to identify, always call someone from an HVAC team for air conditioning repairs. The sooner they resolve the issue, the better.