If you're tired of using portable air conditioning units at home, then you may be looking at permanent split systems as an alternative. While your plan is to wait until next summer to have a system installed, it may be worth doing this during the winter instead.

While you won't use the system in winter, this can be a good time to buy and install a new air conditioning system. Why?

Cost Savings

Like any product, the cost of an air conditioning system may fluctuate according to demand. People typically buy air conditioning systems in warmer months. They may buy in late spring to get ready for the summer or they may buy during summer months instead.

So, during these warmer peak periods, air conditioning system prices often rise. If you buy a system during the winter when there isn't so much demand, then you may be able to get discounted costs or special offers from retailers who want to shift last year's stock. Plus, manufacturers may sell off older systems that are going to be replaced by upgraded products.  Any of these options could save you money compared to buying in warmer months.

Installation Times

If you buy a split system in the summer, then you may have a long wait before you can find someone with a free slot to install it. Installers are often busier when the weather is warmer. They have to provide service for more people who want air conditioning put in their homes.

You're likely to find it a lot easier to get a tradie or installation company out when the weather is colder. They'll usually be less booked up at this time of year. Even if you have a bit of a wait, this won't matter right now — you'll have plenty of time before you need to use the system.

Get Air Conditioning in Advance

If you wait till the weather starts to warm up to buy and install an air conditioning system, then you won't get a full summer's worth of benefits. You have to wait for the system to be put in before you can use it. If you install a split air conditioning system in winter months, however, then you're good to go as soon as the weather heats up. You can then use the system all summer.

To find out more about the best time to buy split systems and install them, talk to local air conditioning companies.