Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is crucial to create a pleasant living space. A reverse cycle system maintains not only refreshingly cool rooms but also creates toasty warm ones in winter. Read on to find out further benefits.


Why install separate cooling and heating operations when you can have it all in one? With a reverse cycle system, you can switch it to cooling mode during summer and to heating in winter. This leaves you with only one set of machinery to maintain, and any repairs will fix both systems. The alternative is to run a furnace or heater as well, which could double overall maintenance.

Additionally, every system requires a way to distribute temperatures, whether that be via floor vents, a wall unit or other means. However, multiple vents and heaters can clutter up room decor. With a reverse cycle system that covers all needs, you streamline the components so your home is not overcrowded with operational parts. 


As far as electrical heating methods go, reverse cycle systems provide an efficient option. Some processes, such as a gas furnace, burn fuel to generate heat. Other schemes rely on electrical heating elements that radiate heat. Reverse cycle systems, though, work much like a refrigerator; they pick up heat from one space and relocate it to another. The coils inside a fridge absorb heat from the air and release it behind the refrigerator into your kitchen.

Similarly, a reverse cycle system in air conditioning mode absorbs warmth from the air inside your home and releases it outside via the outdoors unit. In heating mode, it does the reverse, relocating warmth from outside to inside your home. Moving heat around rather than generating it keeps these operations as efficient as possible.


What one person describes as a hot, another describes as cold. Temperature preferences differ, and a multi-zone reverse cycle allows you to cater to individual family members. With different zones, you can adjust the atmospheres in various rooms, making everyone happy by listening to their needs. No one wants a constant tug of war over the thermostat control. 

Additionally, various places have diverse needs. A hot and humid kitchen after hours of cooking and a cool study where people are reading call for different treatments. Another factor is window size; large, expansive windows, depending on the glazing, can allow either outside chill or heat to seep into your home. Thus, rooms with large areas of external glass require an individual approach, which your multi-zone air conditioning installation can allow for.

For more information or to get a reverse cycle AC system, contact an air conditioning installation team.