Australia's erratic temperature changes have likely made you accustomed to spending time in climate-controlled spaces. From your office to your car and back into your house, the temperatures have to be just right for you to feel comfortable indoors. So when your ducted air conditioning system starts to act up, it can be a cause of great concern for you and your loved ones. The major advantage of ducted ACs is they are functional all year round, whether it is chilly or suffocating hot.

Yet, not many homeowners know how to spot the signs of a deteriorating unit until it is too late and the only solution is to get it replaced. If you want to avoid a breakdown that would be highly inconvenient to your household, you should be on the lookout for these symptoms that indicate your home needs air conditioning repairs.

1. Sudden short cycling

New age ducted air conditioning systems are outfitted with inverter technology that functions to speed up the AC and slow it down as needed. But this functioning should not be conspicuously loud to you. The moment that you begin to hear the air conditioning system cutting in and out erratically, it means that something is off-kilter. In some cases, this behaviour could be caused by blockages to the airflow. In others, it could be indicative of insufficient gas. Whatever the case, it is crucial to turn off the ducted AC system and call in repair technicians to investigate the underlying problem. Take note, running the system with insufficient gas will accelerate malfunction so it is best to leave the AC off until repairs are carried out.

2. Deficient zoning

As aforementioned, a ducted air conditioning system's ability to heat and cool a property depending on the ambient temperatures is a top-selling point for most homeowners. The second reason why ducted ACs are a popular solution is the zoning flexibility that they offer. This simply means that instead of keeping your entire house cooled or heated, you can be selective about which rooms should have their temperatures regulated. Resultantly, you get to save on utility costs.

Therefore, when you begin to notice zoning ineffectiveness from your ducted AC, you should be concerned about imminent malfunctioning that would warrant immediate repairs. Several undiagnosed issues could lead to deficient zoning. A common issue is a defunct damper motor, which leads to excessive heat or cool air to be redirected into one room. Another possible reason for the inadequate zoning is improper placement of the temperature sensors. Seeking air conditioning repairs promptly will help with averting complete malfunction.