While your household depends on an assortment of appliances to run smoothly, not many of them impact both the efficiency and your overall comfort as much as your air conditioning system. Once the temperatures start to rise, it can be challenging to spend any time indoors without a functional AC. Yet, some Australian homeowners tend to be unfamiliar with the signs of gradual deterioration of this system, which leaves minor issues left unchecked until they impact the overall function of the unit.

One of the signs of looming problems that is often underrated is the onset of strange noises, which are usually ignored since some people assume that ACs get louder the longer they are in use. Certainly, these systems do not operate inaudibly. Nevertheless, some sounds should never be underrated. Below is a brief list of peculiar noises to be wary of that are symptomatic of the need for air conditioning repair.

Banging noises

The most common misassumption that homeowners have when they begin to hear rattling and banging sounds coming from their AC is that it stems from vibrations, but this is incorrect. In truth, banging is a common sound that one would hear from their AC, and this is because it is caused by such a wide variety of reasons! For starters, rattling will come about when the fan blades have bent, as this causes them to hit against the fan's housing.

Secondly, banging noises will come about when the bolts holding the panels together steadily come loose due to normal vibrations from the unit, causing the panels to bang against the unit. Thirdly, you would hear rattling noises if debris or objects have made their way into the ductwork. Since banging noises are largely indicative of an underlying mechanical issue, it is essential to seek air conditioning repair sooner rather than later if you are to avoid further physical damage to the system.

Grinding noises

Grinding noises from your air conditioning system should not be a common occurrence, so the moment you hear this sound, it is critical that you seek air conditioning repair, as it is typically indicative of a physical breakdown in the unit. In some instances, the grinding could be caused by a breakdown of the dual shaft motor. This appliance part is tasked with transporting refrigerant, so if it has malfunctioned, your air conditioning unit is at a high risk of overheating.

Overheating, on the other hand, can cause irreparable damage to the entire unit. Hence, it is best to seek air conditioning repairs before this happens. Another reason why you may hear grinding noises from your unit is the fan rotor bearing is worn down. This bearing functions to hold the rotor in place as the fan rotates at high speeds. Thus, if it has failed, the fan is at risk of coming loose and causing extensive damage to the internal components of the AC.