Your home's gas furnace is one of those mechanical components that you might take for granted until it stops working when you need it the most. By this time, you might require potentially expensive heating repair to restore the heat. 

If you want to avoid problems with your residential gas-burning heating unit, regular filter changes are a must. Here are some important reasons to change dirty furnace filters regularly.

Maximise your heating system's output

A clogged filter is one of the biggest reasons your gas furnace may fail to keep your home warm in winter. As colder air from your home's interior environment is pulled into the return air return vents, it goes through a filter that is designed to remove airborne particles or contaminants from it. This helps to keep the air supply clean and healthy for building occupants.

Over time, the filter becomes dirty from all the airborne particles it traps. When this happens, not enough air will enter the heating system. As a result, your heater will end up not blowing enough warm air into your home.

Changing your furnace filters on a regular basis is a great way to ensure proper airflow and keep the warmed air coming into your home.

Maintain good indoor air quality

Like other homeowners across Australia, you're responsible for ensuring the health and safety of everyone that lives in your home. Dirty furnace filters will undermine your efforts to achieve this goal by allowing harmful particles to enter your heating system and find their way back to your home. This can worsen the condition of allergy sufferers, asthma patients, as well as family members with respiratory complications.

Keep your heating expenses as low as possible

Besides resulting in reduced heating output, dirty furnace filters can also cause your heating costs to add up fast by impeding proper airflow. When not enough air is being fed into your heating system, the fan motor will be put under additional strain. This can cause the system to use too much energy as it struggles to keep up with your residential heating demand.

If you want to keep your gas heating system working smoothly and efficiently, getting regular filter changes is absolutely necessary.

Extend the lifespan of your heating equipment

Since dirty filters put extra strain on your heating equipment, they can cause the equipment to fail too frequently and eventually require a premature replacement. Regular filter changes help to keep your heating system running at its best, thus delaying the need for a potentially costly heating system replacement.

Not all furnace filters are single-use, disposal products: some are washable and reusable. If your furnace has washable filters, cleaning them regularly should help avoid most issues with the heating system. For more information on gas heating and maintenance, speak to an HVAC company near you.