You may have decided you want to really enjoy the summer season and are therefore planning for an air conditioner installation. You can then escape extreme heat during the day and relax outside on balmy evenings. Here are several tips for purchasing and installing an air conditioner.

Choosing an Air Conditioner

When choosing a system, you have to figure out what type you want. Ducted air conditioners use a network of ducts and room vents to blow cool air throughout your home. The central unit that generates cold air and distributes it through the ducts is hidden, possibly in the roof. A split system or multi-split system, on the other hand, has a unit installed in each room where you want the cool air dispersed.

Which system is best largely depends on cost and what areas of your home you want to cover. If you have a large house and you want to cool the kitchen, living areas, and bedrooms, you could consider an extensive ducted system. If your house already has a duct network in place, you'll save on the cost of installing one.

You might, however, only need one or several rooms cooled, in which case a split system may suffice. You won't have to deal with installing ducts and vents throughout your home. However, the indoor evaporator unit that blows out the cool air will be visible in each room. Thus, these systems are not as sleek and unobtrusive.

Placing the Outdoor Unit

As well as choosing which air conditioning suits you best, you need to consider where to put the outdoor component. An air conditioner can be noisy, so you should place it so that it does not disturb household members or your neighbours. Check the decibel reading of the units you're considering, as some are quieter than others. An installer can advise you on the best location on your property.

Additionally, the outdoor unit dispels the heat it extracts from your house. If it's sitting in bright sunshine, it can be in danger of overheating. While plants and shrubs can provide shade, the outdoor unit will need breathing room so the hot air it's releasing can drift away. Excessive dust can also cause problems if it covers the condenser coils. The reason for this is that a fan blows air over these coils to cool them down, and a film of dust will make that process less efficient.

For more information on air conditioning installation, contact a company near you.