Air conditioning units can provide unparalleled relief during the hottest days of summer, so they're often a necessity in warmer parts of the country. Many people are tempted to pick up a portable air conditioning unit to cool their homes — these are freestanding models that can be wheeled around a property. However, it generally makes far more sense to have a wall-mounted air conditioning system installed instead, and here are just four reasons why.

1. More Powerful 

Probably the most compelling reason to choose a wall-mounted air conditioning unit over a portable model is that they simply offer superior cooling power. Portable systems can only draw on so much power, which means they can only create a very limited level of cooled air. This makes them relatively ineffective in anything but very small rooms. In contrast, the high cooling power of a wall-mounted unit will provide much faster cooling and cover a much larger area.

2. More Efficient

You might assume that wall-mounted air conditioners having more power also means they'll be less efficient, but this isn't true. Portable systems tend to be less efficient, and this issue is exacerbated by the fact that they often need to be run much longer to provide the same level of cooling. Even though a wall-mounted unit may cost more initially, the savings you make on energy bills can make up the difference over time.

3. Less Noisy

Noisy air conditioning units can be extremely annoying, especially when you need to run your air conditioning throughout most of the day. As such, it makes sense to pick a wall-mounted unit over a portable one. Portable air conditioning units tend to be far noisier during operation, whereas a wall-mounted unit will generally run almost silently. This difference is made greater by the fact that you often need to be closer to a portable air conditioning unit than a wall-mounted unit due to its relative power outputs.

4. Less Obtrusive  

Finally, it's worth remembering that portable air conditioning units can take up quite a lot of floor space. This can mean they get in the way, especially in the smaller rooms they are designed to cool, and they tend to make a room look crowded and untidy. They even collect dust, especially when not in use, so they represent something else you'll need to clean. In contrast, wall-mounted air conditioning units are barely noticeable and take up no floor space.

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